RayFlector is a manufacturer and wholesaler of replica Sunglasses in London. We supply all UK cities and European countries including Spain, France, Germany, Italy and more. Our product quality is comparable to those of the brand names.

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Styles and colors we manufacture are not limited to the pictures shown bellow. You may visit our showroom for a wide selection of designs and colors. We carry over 500 design and colors that are ready for immediate ship-out on any bulk orders. Rayflector also supplies chain stores across the UK and all of Europe. Please note that we also manufacture your own style and brand in a very short period of time for a very competitive price and unmatched quality.
We always come up with new designs and colours. Please visit our showroom or call us for latest products.

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Disclaimer: Although our Wholesale Sunglasses are comparable in style with distinctive high quality compared to all other replica, they are not the authentic or genuine brand name . Our wholesale Sunglasses  are inspired by and comparable to the designer brand . We "RayFlector" the manufacturer and wholeseller/wholesaler are in no way affiliated to, representing or associated with Abercrombie ©, Adidas  ©, American Eagle wholesale  ©, Armani  ©, Arnette  ©, Big Dogs  ©, Black Fly  ©, Bolle ©, Brighton  ©, Calvin Klein  ©, Chloe  ©, Choppers  ©, Diesel  ©, Dkny  ©, Dolce & Gabbana  ©, D & G ©, Easy Rider ©, Ecko wholesale ©, Eddie Bauer ©, Escada ©, Fendi ©, Fossil Fox  ©, Gargoyles  ©, Givenchy  ©, Gucci  ©, Guess wholesale  ©, Harley Davidson  ©, Hollister  ©, Kenneth Cole  ©, Killer Loop  ©, L.E.I.  ©, Liz Claiborne  ©, Maui Jim  ©, M.U.D.D.  ©, Maui Jim  ©, Mossimo  ©, Nascar  ©, Nine West  ©, OCC wholesale  ©, Old Navy  ©, Police  ©, Polo  ©, Porsche Carrera  ©, Prada  ©, Rave  ©, Ray Ban  ©, Reebok  ©, Revo  ©, Sama  ©, Sea-Doo  ©, Serengetti  ©, Sizzler's  ©, Southern Steel  ©, Spy  ©, Stussy  ©, Vans  ©, Versace  ©, Viper  ©, Von Dutch  ©, WCC  ©, Xtreme  © or any other mentioned name brands or their products. We do not represent our Wholesale  to be original nor do we represent that they are exact copies, therefore they do not violate any copyright laws. Any reference to brand names or "compare to" are made strictly for comparison. We ship out bulk orders around the Glob including all of Europe, South America, US, Canada, Australia. A relaible supplier of replica Sunglasses.

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